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Paul Markovits provides Law School Tips on Law School Study Guide
T. Paul Markovits, Law School Study Guide

The Premier Resource for Law School Students

The premier resource for law school students, Law School Study Guide helps law school students achieve their academic and career goals.  Find out how to succeed as a 1L (first year), 2L, or 3L law school student.  Learn how to take law school exams, create outlines, brief cases, and apply for your first job.  Law School Study Guide provides law school tips that you wish you knew prior to going to law school.

Founded in October, 2018 by T. Paul Markovits, a first generation law school student, Law School Study Guide demystifies law school with easy-to-understand explanations.  Markovits, like many others starting law school, had no clue what to expect when he started his 1L year.  For example, some of the questions he wished he had answers to included, what is The Bluebook, what should I bring to class, and when must I begin applying for summer associate positions?  These are just a few of the questions Markovits had while starting law school.  Fortunately for you, Law School Study Guide will provide you with the answers to these common questions with helpful law school tips!

Our Goal: Provide Law School Tips to Help You Succeed

Law School Study Guide is here to help you not only know what to expect in law school, but also to help you succeed.  Law School Study Guide provides current advice from past and presently-enrolled law school students.  Don’t hesitate to ask a question on our common questions page.  After all, if you have the question, most likely other students do too!  Also, please feel free to visit our services page to learn how we can further help you succeed in law school!

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