Finding the right gift for law school students can be challenging.  After all, all they allegedly do is study in the library….  Because law school can be grueling, tiring, and often times (or should I saw always) not the most fun, why not get your law school student a gift that he or she will really appreciate receiving.  After all, no one wants just underwear and socks for Christmas (we’ve all been there)! Here are 15 gift ideas for law school students:

1.  A Gift For the Law School Student Who Likes to Travel

Almost every law school student that I know hops on a train, bus, or plane for either a winter break vacation or to go and see family.  Help your law school student and their possessions travel safely with this three-piece luggage set that has a special TSA lock.  The swivel wheels will allow your law school student to get to where they need to be, hassle-free!  Did we mention that this luggage set comes in quite a few different colors?!

2. Vibes Reusable High Fidelity Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction

Law school students aren’t going to concerts in the library, so why would they need a good set of ear plugs?  Good question.  However, if I counted the number of people who use ear plugs during law school exams, let’s just say, I would not have to pay for law school.  Many law school students use ear plugs during tests or even while they are studying in the library in order to stay focused.  You can help your law school student stay focused by purchasing these nice ear plugs so they don’t have to use those one-time uncomfortable and disposable ear plugs the library hands out during finals.

4.  Designer Women’s Laptop Briefcase

Consider getting your law school student this Designer Women’s Laptop Briefcase!  Everyone knows that bags go through a lot of wear and tear.  Therefore, you may want to consider this Maya Karis Purse which is made with 100% High Quality Vegan(PU) Leather Material.  It also comes in many different colors and patterns to fit your law school student’s taste!  Not only can this briefcase be used to carry school supplies, but it is also large enough to haul around a 13 inch MacBook Pro.  Whether the law school student is going to class or studying in a coffee shop, this women’s laptop briefcase could come in handy! 

3.  For a Law School Student that Likes to “Wine”

There aren’t many law school students (or anyone for that matter) that don’t like a good glass of wine.  While we don’t recommend that law school students drink wine while they study, we do know that many law school students enjoy a taste of wine on the weekends!  Check out this funny stemless wineglass for law school students here!

5.  Socks? Really?  Well . . . Maybe These Socks Won’t Get the Bad Rap

Did I say that you shouldn’t buy underwear and socks for a law school student?  Well, if I did, maybe I shouldn’t have spoken so soon!  Consider these stylish socks!  Provide your gentleman law school student with a pair of these socks and it wouldn’t be surprising if he is the talk of the evening at the next lawyer-networking event (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!).  Check the socks out here!

6.  A T-Shirt Law School Students Will Understand

If you buy this t-shirt for a law school student, you are bound to make them laugh!  Intentional infliction of emotional distress is a tort that law school students typically study in their first year of law school. 

7.  Stainless Steel Adjustable Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet

Looking for a small yet elegant gift for a law school student?  This bracelet is the perfect gift!  This bracelet includes a handmade bangle along with four charms.  With one of the charms reading, “she believed she could . . . so she did,” is the perfect gift for a law school student who could use a little encouragement (which every law school student could use!).  Check out the bracelet here.

8.  “Trust Me I’m Almost A Lawyer” Mug

Does the law school student you are shopping for like coffee?  I do!  I drink about five cups a day!  With the rigors of law school, many law school students start their day off with a cup of joe.  Why not make their day even better by giving them this funny mug?

9.  DHK Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger/Laptop Bag

This is the same, or very similar, messenger bag I had during my first year of law school.  And let me tell you, I quickly became popular.  Okay, okay . . . the bag didn’t make me popular . . . cracking these bad jokes is probably what made me popular.  But I have to brag . . . I did get some positive comments about my bag!  This messenger bag has compartments to store a law school student’s laptop and other necessities.  Additionally, this messenger bag has an adjustable strap with a shoulder pad for those students who have a long walk to class.  Check it out!

10.  Bar/Dining Table for an Apartment or Dorm Room

Most tables and chairs take up a lot of space and don’t provide storage.  Get the best of both worlds with this modern dining table with three shelves.  This dining table is perfect for the law school student because not only is it small enough to fit into an apartment or dorm room, but it also has shelves so that a student can easily access his or her law books.

11.  A Good Night’s Rest – Premium Memory Foam!

Law school can be exhausting.  Sleeping on a hard twin mattress in a dorm room is not the most comfortable.  Make sure your law school student gets a good nights rest with this 2-inch premium memory foam mattress topper.  This premium memory foam mattress topper comes in multiple different sizes.  You can check out the different sizes here!

12.  How About Some “Beats” To Help Them Study?

Many law school students, including myself, enjoy listening to music while studying.  These Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones block out background noises to help students stay focused while being able to listen to their favorite tunes.  With these Beats, law school students can listen to the Essential Mozart album or the 50 Must-Have Beethoven Masterpieces.  Check out the Beats here!

13.  PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Looking for a stocking stuffer for a law school student?  This scales of justice PopSockets Grip and Stand is a tool that could come in handy for the law school student.  The stand feature will allow your law school student to prop up their phone and listen to recorded lectures or review video lectures.  Additionally, the slick and simple design has a professional feel well-suited for a law school student.  Click here to check it out!

14.  Keep Your Law School Student Hydrated

A good water bottle is always a great gift option.  Whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer or a graduation gift, this Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is great for multiple reasons.  One special feature about this water bottle is that it can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and also keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours!  Whether your law school student needs to keep their coffee hot throughout the day or keep their water cold while at the gym, this Iron Flask Water Bottle is for them!  Check out the different colors here!

15.  Get out of the Library and into a Hammock!

When you’re in law school, you do not have to trap yourself in the library.  Use this portable hammock to take your case reading outside!  Sometimes, law school students need to get some fresh air.  This hammock is a great gift option that allows law students to experience the outdoors while still being able to prepare for exams.  Check out the different colors that are available!

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