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One-On-One Law School Tutoring (1L, 2L, & 3L)



Get a Law School Study Guide Tutor!

Did you have a rough semester?  Are you looking for someone to coach you on how to study and how to manage your time efficiently?  One-On-One Law School Tutoring is for you!  Really!  Unlike many other expensive resources that provide only outlines and lectures,  Law School Study Guide provides one-on-one tutoring to fit a law school student’s budget.  And best of all, you only have to pay for what you want, one hour at a time.  Through the use of Google Hangout, during a one-hour tutor session with a knowledgable and experienced Law School Study Guide tutor, you can gain helpful information about how to efficiently manage your time, how to book-brief, when and how to create outlines, and ask questions about what study tools and strategies would best suit your learning style.


one-on-one law school tutoring

Reasons to Speak with a Law School Study Guide Tutor:

–  Law school is not easy, but it may not be as hard as you are making it!

–  Get ahead of your classmates by learning efficient time management skills

–  Learn what books, tools, and other guides can help you succeed in law school

–  Learn how to book-brief a case, outline, and prepare for law school exams

–  Get your questions answered.  A Law School Study Guide tutor is here to help!


What happens once you purchase a One-On-One Law School Tutoring Session?

  1. Once you purchase a One-On-One Law School Tutoring Session, a Law School Study Guide tutor will reach out to you by email (typically within 24 hours) to schedule your One-On-One Law School Tutoring Session.
  2. Upon receiving an email from your Law School Study Guide tutor, you must schedule your session within the next 45 days, otherwise, your One-On-One Law School Tutoring Session will be void and non-refundable.
  3. Once your One-On-One Law School Tutoring Session is scheduled, get excited to learn helpful information to help you excel in law school!  Don’t forget to write down, prior to your Google Hangout session, any questions you may want to ask your Law School Study Guide tutor!

Still have questions about how a One-On-One Law School Tutoring Session could help you succeed law school?  Contact us here!


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