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Resume Review (For Law Students)



Know What to Put and What NOT to Put on Your Resume!

Are you applying for summer internships or summer associate positions?  Are you having a difficult time obtaining interviews?  One mistake in your resume could be the difference between landing a $40k job out of law school and landing a $180k job out of law school!  Have a skilled mentor from Law School Study Guide review your resume and provide crucial feedback.  Why wait until you submit your resume to law firms and companies to learn what you should have done differently?!  Our resume reviewers have been through multiple interviews and have learned what to put and what not to put on a law school student resume.  Should you list your GPA?  What about your class rank?  Should you list your non-curricular interests?  As lawyers often say, it depends!  Let a Law School Study Guide mentor help you start your job search in the right direction.


resume review

Reasons to Have Your Resume Reviewed by a Law School Study Guide Mentor:

–  Grades are not everything!

–  Everyone’s STORY is different: get individualized advice

–  Your resume is often your first impression to law firms and companies

–  Learn what may be stopping you from landing the position you went to law school to get

–  Get your questions answered.  A Law School Study Guide mentor is here to help!


What happens once you purchase a Resume Review?

  1. Once you purchase Resume Review, a Law School Study Guide mentor will reach out to you by email (typically within 24 hours).
  2. Upon receiving an email from your Law School Study Guide mentor, you will have 45 days to send your resume to your Law School Study Guide mentor, otherwise, your Resume Review will be void and non-refundable.
  3. Your Law School Study Guide mentor will provide a critique of your resume and send it back to you!  Need your resume formatted professionally?  Let your Law School Study Guide mentor know.  Also, feel free to ask any resume-related questions you may have to your Law School Study Guide mentor.


Still have questions about how a Resume Review could help you land your preferred job?  Contact us here!


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