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one-on-one law school prep

One-On-One Law School Prep Session

Have you started preparing for your first day of law school?  Are you wondering what law school is really like?  If so, One-On-One Law School Prep Session is for you.  Through the use of Google Hangout, during a one-hour session with a knowledgable and experienced Law School Study Guide mentor, you will learn how to brief a case, create outlines, and have the opportunity to ask questions about what to expect in your first year of law school.  Learn More!

One-On-One Law School Tutoring (1L, 2L, & 3L)

Did you have a rough semester?  Are you looking for someone to coach you on how to study and how to manage your time efficiently?  One-On-One Law School Tutoring is for you!  Really!  Unlike many other expensive resources that provide only outlines and lectures,  Law School Study Guide provides one-on-one tutoring to fit a law school student’s budget.  And best of all, you only have to pay for what you want, one hour at a time.  Learn More!

One-On-One Law School Tutoring
resume review cover

Resume Review

Are you applying for summer internships or summer associate positions?  Are you having a difficult time obtaining interviews?  One mistake in your resume could be the difference between landing a $40k job out of law school and landing a $180k job out of law school!  Have a skilled mentor from Law School Study Guide review your resume and provide crucial feedback.  Learn More!

Resume & Personal Statement Review

Are you applying to law school and not sure what law school admissions committees are looking for?  Are you here because you read our article titled, “Law School Personal Statement Tips“?  As we said in that article, your resume will likely be your first impression to admissions committees.  Therefore, it is critical that your resume and personal statement includes information necessary to stand out from other applicants.  Learn More!